Job Offer - Animator - Rigger
Animator - Rigger
Marbella - Spain

Company description

We are a video game development studio.

We are passionate about playing, creating and building innovative concepts that we apply to our products and the market demands. Our vision is to become a benchmark in the gaming sector, creating the most fascinating and inspiring products around the world for online players.

We’re looking forward to develop epic games for mobile platforms, a task that could only be achieved through passion, experience and industry knowledge.

Job Description

The Animator/Rigger will bring our characters to life through:

  • Animating video game assets (characters, environments, etc.) for mobile phones.
  • Ensuring the optimal quality of the animations.
  • Providing the animations with a defined personality.
  • Paying attention to detail.
  • Working with the modeling and animation team to create optimized rigs.
  • Building rigs for bipeds, quadrupeds and props.


  • 2 years of minimum experience animating/rigging characters.
  • Competence in 3ds Max, Maya or other industry standard programs.
  • Exceptional knowledge of animation principles and its corresponding workflows.
  • Mastering pantomime and facial animation.
  • Ability to work with a wide variety of animation styles.
  • Experience in weight painting so the characters keep a good level of deformation.
  • High knowledge in implementing rig control systems for complex characters.
  • Scripting experience, whether in Maxscript, Mel or Python.
  • Great knowledge of human anatomy.
  • Ability to collaborate between art and programming teams.

We will value:

  • Experience in exporting animations to video game engines such as Unity or Unreal.
  • Experience with Biped or similar auto ring systems.
  • Working experience in other video games for mobile phones or other platforms.
  • Skills in other disciplines such as modelling or illustration.

Why join us?

Sync Games is a pioneering video game development studio based in Marbella, a cosmopolitan city with an incredible climate all year round, where one can enjoy both mountain and sea. We have fully equipped offices with a kitchen, a lounge and a leisure room, where you'll be able to develop your professional career in a creative environment, surrounded by young, passionate professionals and a state-of-the-art technology equipment.